The Notorious RBG

Job-hunting is an extremely stressful, time consuming and soul crushing experience. So I am always on the lookout for fun deviations to keep me motivated and fresh through the day.

Today I went on a bit of an RBG Binge. RBG – Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the 84 year old supreme court justice who has probably had the greatest impact on equal rights legislature in the United States since Abraham Lincoln. Its because of her that I can even hold a job, demand equal pay and have access to a toilet.

At the moment, a movie called “On the Basis of Sex” is out. For reasons I don’t necessarily understand, the movie doesn’t have the best reviews. As for me, I was moved and inspired and amazed, and was in tears by the end. I know a movie is really good when I find myself mute and immobile in my seat even as people walk past (and sometimes on me) to exit the theater, while the credits roll on, just letting it all sink in.

I then came back home and watched the 2019 oscar-nominated documentary entitled “RBG“, a brilliant overview of her life.

While the feature film mostly focuses on one case (a landmark one no less that really launched her career) that she worked on with her beloved husband, the documentary film does a brilliant overview. Do watch them if you get the chance!

If ever anyone has wondered if a small-statured, slight woman, with nerdish superpowers, and an overbite were worth anything, then look no further than Ruth. Probably most mindblowingly amazing to me is that in the middle of all of this, she managed to be an incredible mother, grandmother and great grandmother, and wife, with a successful marriage to the same man for all of his life.